(n.) Turbulence. An eddying motion of the atmosphere that interrupts the flow of wind
The turb scared the hell out of the passengers.
by define_dictionary March 18, 2005
Top Definition
(v.) to masturbate.

(n.) a person who masturbates constantly.
"any movie with salma hayek in it makes me wanna turb until i see spots."
by vicious April 19, 2004
Slang for masturbate
I turbed 4 times today as I looked at lesbian porn.
by Dan April 01, 2004
One (typically male, but can be female as well) who constantly has intercourse with the opposite sex, but will ignore the fact that he/she actually does so.
John : "Dude, he is such a turb"
Blake: "I agree, he always is so sneaky about having a different girl coming over"
John : "And he never admits it"
by HulkHulkHulk November 13, 2009
Short form for someone being a "Turbo Bitch" most often used as a smart assed term of endearment.
"You are being such a Turb!"
by Chuck84 January 26, 2008
A porsche 911 turbo
Hey pal check out that turb!
by Phil yer pants Macefield November 20, 2003
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