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Being in a perfectly good state of mind, the opposite of disturbed.
Jeremy sure does seem happy lately.

Yeah, that fool's all turbed 'n shit now....
by DrHarley October 15, 2007
Short for perturbed, this slang will give you street cred as long as your streets are closed to the public and only run school activity council golf carts and landscaping mobiles.
If Dickens doesn't chillout on the light and dark imagery by the end of Great Expectations, I'm going to be totally 'turbed.
by Stopsayingsomeoneisusingthis August 20, 2009
The act of turning a heterosexual into a homosexual.
You have been turbed.

OMG is he turbed?

Who let the turbed out?!
by mGruff December 16, 2009