The act of pulling your partner's penis firmly forward while smoking a cigarette and blowing smokerings skyward.
"She only smokes menthols when giving me a tugboat."
by Royal Cunninglinguist Society January 29, 2009
act of grabbing a man's testicles and GENTLY moving them away from his body to elongate ejaculation
He lasted a longer because she gave him tugboat
by White Cheadle January 28, 2009
Running a tug boat means to have 3 men no more and no less than that, tugging one out (masturbating) in a horizontal line side by side all facing one chick and blowing your load all over her.
"Man that chick is so hot."

"Yeah she looks like she needs a good tug boat ran on her."

"Well boys hope you are ready to tug one out, let's fuck up that pretty face of hers."
by DirtyDan March 01, 2012
a fat chick with soft, supple hands, usually dimpled at the knuckles, who is skilled in the art of hand jobs
"You should have seen this fat chick the other night at the bowling alley -a total tugboat -I bet she gives great handjobs!
by poon dogler December 27, 2008
Similar to "motor-boating", "Tugboat" refers to the sound and tone while in the 69 position, whereas the buttocks replace the breasts.
Last night, Mary and I were 69'ing on the couch, and I totally gave her a "tugboat" as I finished.
by Davers67 January 13, 2008
The girl who is leading a guy by the hand (balls) through a bar to what ever she wants to do.
look at that Tug Boat leading that poor guy
by Bob Floamer April 28, 2005
An unbelievably beautiful girl.

First coined by Vin Man Chan from LSA.
Yo D-pots, check out those tugboats.

Yo Jeff,can you put me on with that tugboat from the toga party?

Yo S-Dot, you know who never gets any tugboats... that's right.. Large Matt.
by Mass Debator February 23, 2009

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