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when a guy sticks his balls in a girls ass while fucking her
I tug boated that hoe last night.
by DevRev October 01, 2007
a fat kid who lives down the street.
tug boat came over and ate all our food.
by Chaney July 10, 2006
Represents being cool.
Can be used as a verb as in something being Tug Boat (cool) or as a noun being the oneness of cool or awesome.
Nate: Man I saw you from all the way overthere! You ain't even Tug Boat!
Mike: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
by Nate Sexton March 05, 2004
a boat that tugs.
]*+-_^:. wELcoMe to #netsplit Cactuar hOw mAy i Be oF aaSiTenCE? | IF you aRE a TUGBOAT, NO ASSISETNEC MAY ASSITED. SaVe the yETTIS
by Cactuar November 20, 2003