When a female or male give a man a handjob while in the bath tub or hot tub when it is full of water. In this situation, the hand would be the tugboat whilst the penis represents the boat being tugged.
Dude, when we got home, we decided to relax and get in the hot tub and she totally gave me a tugboat!
by THE SOCCER MOM June 12, 2010
A nickname for a person that is fat or on the chubby side
Originated from Connor
Dude Connor is such a tugboat
by nicecamper45 June 02, 2013
When a dog drags its ass on the ground to scratch itself.
Max the dog had a night full of tugboating after getting into the leftover chili.
by Shittyhorse September 28, 2011
a form of pleasing ones self usually male but in the event of an oversized clit can be performed on a woman
I gave myself a tug boat 15 times yesterday! My penis hurts so bad now.
by tug boat January 05, 2009
To motorboat a vagina.
Yeah man, I can "tugboat" the fuck out of a sweet pussy.
by verbal36 July 28, 2010
A prison term for an inmate who has being repeately violated in his anal region, so much that his farts resemble to noise made by a tugboat
Ron walks up to Jimmy in the prison yard and asks him:
"Hey you, ya you, you a tugboat?"
by 9banger December 01, 2009
1. A male who must keep one member of a group afloat and with the program much like a tug boat has to keep a barge afloat and going in the correct direction.
2. A male who often must pull along less motivated participants within a circle of friends. They are often loud, humorous, and unrelenting in their passion for having fun and finding shananigans. A Tug boat will not stop untill all necessary participants are aboard with the evenings plans, regardless of how much his friends' girlfriends dig their heels in the mud and say NO!!!
1. Spunk needed to be dragged out sometimes, much like a barge, by the group tug boat.

2. Greg was such a tug boat regardless of how tired Matt, Lauren or Spunk were he always got them to go out and have fun!
by LaurCoogy March 12, 2007

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