An obese woman who enjoys giving handjobs.
"I was afraid that tugboat last night was going to give me torsion."
by This is your Face on ACID July 27, 2008
Motorboating a chicks butt at the bar and pulling her pants down with your teeth while growling. Follow this up by standing up and yelling "tugBoat" and then go "whooooo whooooo" while pretending to pull the horn down with your hand.
When in Dewey Beach, DE a hot waitress walked by and I had to tugboat the Sh*t out of her only to be followed up with a smack to the face. I proudly asked for another tugboat and a smack to the face.
by Hank69 September 23, 2010
A women with abnormally large breasts that wears an abnormally small shirt. Preferably of brazilin heritage.
Tugboat at six o'clock!!!

- in reference to a 300 lb women wearing a shirt made for a 100 lb women
by Pumpernickle1 January 24, 2007
The act of blowing weed out of a packed bowl bong or any other smoking devise while trying to inhale.
"All In" was hitting carls bowl and tottaly tug boated it.
by Ponnett May 30, 2005
The sound one one makes while performing fellatio. Or just the act itself
Nessa gives some great tugboat!
by Mike Sogoff December 15, 2004
word to describe someone who keeps smiling at you and you arent't sure whether they are trying to keep the peace or just gloating - like the skinhead who did Ed Norton in Amercian History X.
the guy is a real tugboat
by guy who looks like meatloaf September 14, 2004
A thing to yell during Sex to test if he/she is paying attention to you when you talk dirty. It can also be used make the other partner uncomfortable, laugh, or possibly question what the hell you are saying.
"Oh yeah baby, tug boat me!"
by Leah and David December 08, 2007
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