Abv. for tub of. Usually used in a negative context.
You are one fat tuba lard
by swimmainia April 30, 2005
The gayest instrument ever created. See cumguzzle
Ben played the tuba all day and cooled off in a shower of CUM.
by CHUBCHUBISFAT May 18, 2008
The most revolting instrument of all. Nobody wants to know what a note under 57 ledger lines sounds like. Tuba players generally are fat, ugly, cheek-puffing slobs. Stay away from tubas and their players.
"*FART*" - sound of a tuba

by Max12234 December 27, 2007
Doing something in a repetitive and annoying behavior.
I wanted to be alone last night, but he just kept bothering me, he was totally pulling a Tuba.
by meltedrose November 13, 2014

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