A stupid, super low, loud instrument that requires absolutely no talent to play.
#fail #horrible #funeral #losers #retarded
by Epically epic October 21, 2012
does it matter....?? lets just say when it vibrates inbetween my legs is turns me on like no human could ever do. its the love of my life. one day i will marry it and we will have tuba/clarke babies together. mmmm tuba sex.
i want to make sweet sweet love to my big brassy tuba.
by chirstopher clarke January 29, 2005
Another term for "faggot"- derived from the Tourettes Guy quote "who's the faggot with a Tuba". Used as an insult. Also subs for dork, douchebag, homo, loser, etc.
Check out that guy in the Tap Out shirt. What a tuba.
#tuba #dork #douchebag #faggot #homo #loser
by M1g1t November 06, 2010
the most beautiful girl in the world. unbelieve characteristics, smart, sexy, charming, loving, undeniably amazing.
That girl is sooo like tuba!
by sk December 25, 2004
a type of urinal, the kind you might find in most male bathrooms. a tuba is the kind of urinal that is lower to the ground for midgets, and an inconveniance for tall people. it usually has the most bacteria on it, so cotton swabs can be used to test for this. occasionally mistaken for a musical instrument.

Abigail: Emily, we just tested the tuba for bacteria and man is there a lot!
Emily: What, you mean like a urinal?
Abigail: Yeah!

The tall man was at a disadvantage using the tuba urinal.
#bathroom #poo #pee #urinal #tuba #musical instrument #dumb #stupid #funny #sousaphone #lavatory #potty
by Beka Lioki December 14, 2007
A very big low brass instrument that is fucked by guys with GIANT dicks; also a instrument that a fat guy named Robbie rules.
The black guys got caught taking turns fucking the tuba during lunch break.
#tuba #c'field #robbie #low brass #rules
by Holden Smith December 01, 2006
A girl with a nice booty or ass. gotta have nice porportions
damn girl, let me see you work that tuba.
by Ethan Bloom May 01, 2005
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