The big mans weapon of music.
The tuba is a big mans weapon of music that pales in comparison to other instruments in a marching band.
by Anonymous123450 September 05, 2009
The best instrument ever!!!
A large brass instrument. Tuba
by lg342 July 04, 2011
The only instument that matters.
The Soul of the band.
The definition of size matters.
A huge brass chick magnet.
The instrument of the gods.

Without a Tuba you have a group of instruments, with one, you have a BAND.
Girl: So you're in Band?
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: What instrument do you play?
Boy: Tuba.
Girl: Your place or mine?
by Carpere_Die_Cum_Tuba May 25, 2012
It's the way portuguese young people call you tube. Tube=Tubas, because, in portuguese, most common words in plurar end in a "s".
"Já viste o vídeo no tubas?"
"Ela pôs o vídeo no tubas!"
by NunoLmaoN July 10, 2008
Doing something in a repetitive and annoying behavior.
I wanted to be alone last night, but he just kept bothering me, he was totally pulling a Tuba.
by meltedrose November 13, 2014
Something that fat boys with pimples play
Man tubas are for fat boys with pimples
by grandmaster September 07, 2014
Slang for someone who can go blow it out of their ass. There are in fact, three levels of tuba
Trumpet- only a tuba sometimes
Tuba- common name

Sousaphone- Biggest asshole you could meet. Much like my friend's ex
"He played me like a violin"
"Well next time you see him, play him like a tuba and tell him to blow it out his ass"
"Stop talking to that Sousaphone!"
by ZephWinds October 05, 2011

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