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A Mans name meaning "fighter" it is a original name with a unique spelling that is becoming very popular.
1. Kaden will kick your ass, he is a natural born fighter!

2. Better watch out, he is a Kaden, he'll mess you up!
by Mhope July 31, 2009
A bad ass mothfucker that could kick anyones ass all day. kaden is usally a cool and funny guy who has many friends while some might not be so nice to him Kaden will offer his friendship to anyone because he is this that cool of a guy. Kadens are way cooler then mikes.
by Red link October 25, 2010
He is a cute, fun loving guy with a great personality!(: He makes everybody laugh no matter what mood there in. He has girls all over him at school because he`s such a babe! He is also a really great kisser. He`s sporty and has lots of friends. He likes brunette girls that are tan! You fall in love with him right when you meet him(:
Did you see Kaden?

Yeah, he`s such a babe!(:
by Lovesyou.(: December 19, 2011
kaden's are beautiful. Theatre dorks and a dirty blonde. Clear blue eyes that can sometimes look green. Long phone calls are something he loves to do. He found a girl that he really likes, but is afraid to ask her out in fear of getting broken up with shortly after. Foot balll is the most important thing to him, and he always strives for A-team. He really thinks that glasses and braces are cute. His favorite color is red or blue and he's a fucking god. He's super tall and super buff. everyboy loves him, and girls would die to be, " Mrs. kaden _________"! <3
"Kaden really likes her man. I heard she has braces!"

" Did you see Kaden's Touch down?"
by owl3467 November 18, 2012
Tall dirty blond blue eyes and has a great penis size and is dating the hottest girl in school loves sports favorite color is camo and is very popular for a small town country boy
Kaden was great in bed last night but he didn't take his boots off
by I know all about it June 12, 2016
A fairly tall blond hair blue eyes good looking man with a incredible penis size not to big and not even close to the small category. He is dating one of the hottest girls in school and every one is jelose of him. His favorite color is camoflage even though it a pattern. He loves sports especially hunting and fishing. He would do anything for anybody that he likes. He is very propular for a small town country boy. He has made out with his girl friend at leased once or twice and would kill for another one any day. It bugs the shit out of him when people say they are fat when their not or when somebody says something bad about them selves. He also has really deep down dark secrets he will only share with his friends and the least of the worst with his girl. Even though he has made these mistake he try's to be better all the time but can't and always regrets it all in the end
Kadens dick was amazing last night he such a kaden
by I know all about it June 12, 2016
The dude who gets suspended for three days for jacking off in the band room and getting caught in the act in a dark and fuzzy corner by the opposite sex
Kaden is a mad man.
by Greyarctic September 03, 2016
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