Tough Shit.
man1: Dude, I just broke my leg. I can't make it.

man2: TS
by Todd Vaughn December 24, 2003
"Thickly Settled". In other words a woman who's dragging a little wagon. Has more cakes than Duncan Hines. Has some juice in the caboose.
"Did you see the wagon on that? Now that was TS"!
by Da Count September 20, 2005
Short for Tiberian Sun, from the Command & Conquer (CnC) series of games. Regarded by many CnC fans as the last 'true' CnC game. Probably the greatest RTS ever.
I just trashed GDI with NOD in TS!
by brotherhood January 20, 2006
Refers to Thread Starter. Usually used in forums.
Post #1:

Lady Gaga is MALE.

Post #2:


Post #3:

inb4 ts is not lying

Post #4:


Post #5:

>> Quote: TS IS LYING!!!
TS is not lying. Accept the truth noob!
by Kirara December 27, 2009
THREAD SHREDAHS-a gang that goes around tearing the shirts off losers and wangstas or kids that act tough but are really a bunch of faggots.
Look at that pink shirt lets go TS the shit out of it!
by TSRM November 04, 2005
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