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T.S., Acronym, short for transsexual.

Often used for transsexual porn sites.

Also see: Shemale
Dude, that T.S. chick is pretty hot. It's too bad she's a dude, cause I'd totally fuck her!
by nickreaper July 22, 2010
It can also mean to Tiger Suit. Tiger Suiting is when you wear a huge gutted stuff animal, and run around doing wacky thangs. Sometimes when Tiger Suiting, you might ask married grocery store clerks out on dates, and/or scare young children.
Yo Cody, you should T-S sometime this week!!
by Shazaamizer July 09, 2006
To triple swipe, this is when you use one metro fare to sneak in 2 other people besides yourself.
Hey guys lets all T-S, screw the phoenix.
by Shazaamizer June 25, 2006
In massage parlor speak, it is 'Table Shower'
I asked the massage girl for TS, and she said it is another $40.
by joel9999 February 13, 2011
damn that girl has some nice T's
by I like big T's May 09, 2010
T.S. a.k.a. "Teeth Scrape"

When a really pretty girl with a cute lisp is sucking some mean cock and gets so into it, that she realizes that she scraped his dick, and a part of his dick skin is left in her teeth.

After a few laughs, they continue to have sex all night long, with a red light tiger lamp setting the mood.
by imthebestie March 11, 2011
the abbreviation used in porn magazines meaning "a transexual person"
i was looking through a porn magazine and it read t.s. next to this hot ass picture of some girl....i found out what it meant the hard way
by Stephanini June 21, 2008