To triple swipe, this is when you use one metro fare to sneak in 2 other people besides yourself.
Hey guys lets all T-S, screw the phoenix.
by Shazaamizer June 25, 2006
It can also mean to Tiger Suit. Tiger Suiting is when you wear a huge gutted stuff animal, and run around doing wacky thangs. Sometimes when Tiger Suiting, you might ask married grocery store clerks out on dates, and/or scare young children.
Yo Cody, you should T-S sometime this week!!
by Shazaamizer July 09, 2006
T.S., Acronym, short for transsexual.

Often used for transsexual porn sites.

Also see: Shemale
Dude, that T.S. chick is pretty hot. It's too bad she's a dude, cause I'd totally fuck her!
by nickreaper July 22, 2010
In massage parlor speak, it is 'Table Shower'
I asked the massage girl for TS, and she said it is another $40.
by joel9999 February 13, 2011
damn that girl has some nice T's
by I like big T's May 09, 2010
the abbreviation used in porn magazines meaning "a transexual person"
i was looking through a porn magazine and it read t.s. next to this hot ass picture of some girl....i found out what it meant the hard way
by Stephanini June 21, 2008
T.S. a.k.a. "Teeth Scrape"

When a really pretty girl with a cute lisp is sucking some mean cock and gets so into it, that she realizes that she scraped his dick, and a part of his dick skin is left in her teeth.

After a few laughs, they continue to have sex all night long, with a red light tiger lamp setting the mood.
by imthebestie March 11, 2011

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