An abbreviation for 'tiny sex', i.e, Internet slang for online roleplaying of sex or a sexual situation.
"I'm looking for someone to TS with."
1. The Specialists- a half life mod.
2. Telesync- Movie that was filmed in a theater with a camera on a tripod or from the porjectionist booth. The Audio is ripped directly.
1. Hey let's go play ts.
2. That telesync sucks! That's just a cam! I can't see or hear anything! Nuke it!
by blackanon June 13, 2004
Tit Shadow- when the breasts of a man become so large that in photographs they create their own shadow.
Holy #$%&! Did you see that guy's TS?
by Jesus Mandella May 30, 2007
Acronym for "True Statement"

Antonym: False
-Anybody want to go out for pizza?
by Jesus Christ January 12, 2005
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