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uberhunter - The weekend lounge guy of Pellinor vn.

Master of PC+1
uberhunter is connected to Justar's nuts.
by Saberwulf February 04, 2005
A server in a MMORPG-- Dark Age of Camelot.

Terrible RVR, but definatly the best board on VN!
Tizit: What server do you play on?
Saberwulf: I play on Pellinor biatch!
by Saberwulf December 24, 2004
The realm of Albion.
Krelnar: Damn, sorcs are over powered in Albion.
Saberwulf: Yeah, easy mode.
by Saberwulf December 29, 2004
Something posters do to gain post count. Posters post something dumb, waiting on other peoples posts so he can reply for some +1 post count. Also, posters can flame people as bait, so the person who was flamed will reply, and there will be a big argument, leading to alot of +1 post count. Largely used on the Vault Network forums (VN)
Neorah: Grunty you suck at life, give up.
Grunty: WTF, I'll kill you.
Saberwulf: Baited!
by Saberwulf December 24, 2004
A good forum for games. Great place where players of games can gather. Sabrewulf is the best poster there.
Cyryl: Hey where can I find out when the next raid is going to be?
Saberwulf: Ask VN Boards.
by Saberwulf December 29, 2004
ts = program where people talk over the internet called teamspeak.
Get on TS and we can talk.
by Saberwulf December 18, 2004
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