someone who puts posters on the bedroom wall of bands like green day and simple plan, and don't even listen to but still pretend they do so they can look "cool", but in reality they're a tryhard
look at sean, he's got all those posters of punk bands on his walls. wow, he's a real tryhard!
by jedk September 25, 2005
a person who thinks they are always right, or thinks that what they do is always right
that guy smudge, he is a real tryhard
by INSANE_87 June 17, 2005
White upper-middle class brats who attempt to imitate the townie way of life (god knows why).

Although they will have been in private education for all their life, they will speak in a bastardised form of English, and will attempt to inform anyone who will listen that they were brought up on the council estates of Hackney.

See also cunt, dickhead, ben
"yeah, safe man, heavy"
by Fred February 29, 2004
A person who tries harder than they need to while doing something.
"Paulo is such a Try-Hard in gym class"
"Why are you such a Try-Hard"
by I<3 Big Booty Bitches October 03, 2011
a nickname for someone who tries super hard, but fails miserably.
someone who doesn't try at all, in which case, it's used to point out that they suck, and should try harder.
"Way to drop the ball 'try hard'!"
"Hey 'try hard'! It's not working for you!"
by Sam Ryley April 03, 2007
Someone who trys too hard to fit in and therefore never will.
The guy with the longest definition of try-hard.

cool guy: "You're a tool."
try-hard: "No a tool is (uses exact urban dictionary definition) and I am not."
cool guy: "No sorry I got it wrong you're actually a try-hard."
by Clintron November 20, 2007
Grisha Petrochenkov, this kid in my Multimedia class.

Fcukin thinks he's punkass tight tiggity. I should beat the shit out of him.
Meet me in the hallway Grisha we're going right now.
by Markio March 08, 2004

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