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a nickname for someone who tries super hard, but fails miserably.
someone who doesn't try at all, in which case, it's used to point out that they suck, and should try harder.
"Way to drop the ball 'try hard'!"
"Hey 'try hard'! It's not working for you!"
by Sam Ryley April 03, 2007
Someone who trys too hard to fit in and therefore never will.
The guy with the longest definition of try-hard.

cool guy: "You're a tool."
try-hard: "No a tool is (uses exact urban dictionary definition) and I am not."
cool guy: "No sorry I got it wrong you're actually a try-hard."
by Clintron November 20, 2007
Grisha Petrochenkov, this kid in my Multimedia class.

Fcukin thinks he's punkass tight tiggity. I should beat the shit out of him.
Meet me in the hallway Grisha we're going right now.
by Markio March 08, 2004
One who trys to do everything by themselves when its uneeded.
Josh- "Yo Tanner, that kid is 12-0 in Search!"
Tanner- "Yeah, I know hes such a try-hard"
by Josh_Hop June 20, 2009
Charley Xia
Stop Trying so HARD
by bob April 07, 2003
Someone who trys to be like someone else.
by Bob August 24, 2003
Someone with erectile dysfunction, who tries to get HARD.
Patient: Doc, you have to help me I've been a try-hard all day and i just can't get it up.

Doctor: I see, I must prescribe some Viagra.
by JeRsEy CItY aka ChillTowN June 24, 2010