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Sequal to the PC hit multiplayer title Team Fortress Class by Valve. Oringally slated for release in 2001, finally released on October 10, 2007 in the Orange Box along with Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and Portal.
Guy 1: " Dude, I'm so fucking tired."
Guy 2: "What the hell were you doing all night?"
Guy 1: "I was pwnin bitch ass pyros in TF2"
Guy 2: "........"
by GibbyGano October 23, 2007
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The worlds most advanced hat simulator. Key features include crafting AND unlocking new hats and bald caps to suit your fancy.
Guy 1: Wow I just got this great machine gun in Modern Warfare.
Guy 2: Yah, well I have 256 hats in tf2. Including 12 bald caps and one afro.
by [Good Username Goes Here] November 18, 2012
(AKA Hat Simulator)
The best hat simulator and money waster of all time by Valve that's developers decided needed to have a 9-class team based minigame on the side in it.
Joe: Did you play TF2 last night?
Tyrone: Yeah I got me a bud!
Joe: Wow!
Tyrone: IKR!
Joe: Wait, what's a bud?
Tyrone: *facepalm*
by asdfbg5091 August 27, 2014
Team Fortress 2, sequel of Team Fortress Classic, release date: 2001 6april.
Haha, im gonna kiss your butt when TF2 releases
by griep April 06, 2003
Too full to f@ck
Guy: That mexican food was delicious
Girl: Yeah but I ate a ton
Guy:Wanna have sex
Girl: Sorry I am TF2
by mjh02004 January 15, 2011
Substitution for "never going to happen."

Reference to "Team Fortress 2," a game originally slated for release in 2001. As of 2004, the game still has not been released, and its site has not been updated.
(1)d00d: omfg we r gonna pwn u at teh match
(2)d00d: tf2 bitch
by Circuitous January 23, 2004

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