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shes so hot, she makes fire stop drop and roll.
dang have you seen taryn? shes hot
by sallysue22 August 27, 2008
Usually describes a freaken awesome person. If you don't know a Taryn you best find one, they're the BOMB. Like Tic-Tic! Often funny, crazy cool, and drop dead sexxy. Love you, Taryn.
Guy One: "DUDE, see that chick over there."
Guy Two: "Yeah, she's like a Taryn or something!"
by JayTown! December 28, 2009
she's so sweet and caring. she's funny as hell and a bit crazy at times! she loves to just kick back and have fun! she will always be their for her friends, and if she needs to punch some girl in the face to prove it, SHE WILL! she can be a bisnitch sometimes, but only when you bring on the drama. she's always caught up in it even when she doesnt wanna be. she's also super hot, pretty, and gorgeous! she's great in bed, and gives good hand jobs.
Dude 1: DAYUM whos that girl?
Dude 2: Ahh, that's Taryn, isn't she SMOKING! (;
by dayumtayeee January 09, 2010
She's not Fred Flinstone, but she can make your bed rock! She's very pretty.
That's definately Taryn.
by Abalabalabaloo! December 27, 2009
Your best friend that you fall madly, and ridiculously in love with because you just can't stand the idea of them not being in your life, and you want them there forever.
Man, I love her. but I just don't have the guts to tell her she's my Taryn.
by Mr. S. C. Rewed May 21, 2010
Often describes an individual with a big heart who is both caring and generous. Has an optimistic personality & a great sense of humor. Is easy to fall head-over-heels in love with. Beautiful, independent, and confident.
A:"Who's that? She's beautiful."
B:"That's Taryn."
by -T.Breezy January 01, 2011
According to ancient times 'Taryn' refers to a woman being very talented in the bedroom. The story goes that an English duchess named Lady Taryn invented fellacio and was famous around the country for it. Men would be heard saying 'i've always wanted to be given a taryn'. This later became known as a 'headjob'. Also anyone named this is extradinarily kind and generous....
Guy: 'honey, give me taryn'
Girl: Who the f*ck is Taryn??!!'
by Yeah yeah ok February 07, 2010
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