when playing a game too seriously in which out burst of rage, offensive language and putting people down may occur in which losing the whole concept of having fun in a video game.

fact: when calling someone a "try hard", you yourself is considered a try hard.
xSniperGuy: wow you try hard, keep spraying me cuz thats all you can do
yuh_Madd Br0: why you mad... bro? its just a game. plus you should have stayed behind cover then popping out your head like a dumb @ss

PR0 xClutch: hey Meat hog, quit trying so hard pulling out your pistol and shit; fucken try hard.
M3At H0Gx215: calm your nuts, i ram out of ammo. what you want me to do, just stand there and let you kill me?
by thatoneguynextdoor March 09, 2011
Try-hard is an adjective used to describe an individual who:
1) will try very hard to be good at something or fit in and eventually fails.
2) in videogames (such as Call of Duty or Halo) tries so hard to be good they end up losing sight of just having fun. This individual can become aggressive with other players if they are in a losing situation. In this sense the term can be used to describe players who are being relatively successful.

It must be noted that it is not uncommon for individuals to falsely accuse others of being a try-hard in order to make themselves feel better for their own inability to fit in or poor performance. If confronted by such an individual evaluate the accuser as well as yourself and remember there is a difference between trying and trying too hard.
1) Look at Nick, he is such a try-hard interjecting in a conversation he knows nothing about to try to look cool.

1) Look at that player "0Ace", he is such a try-hard camping with an AK74u rapid fire and all pro perks but he still has a 0.50 KDR.

2) That player "CampHeavyAce" might have a 3.0 KDR but he only uses OP weapons and camps. I wonder if he is actually having fun being such a try-hard...
by VisionaryJR August 16, 2012
someone who tries hard at everything and anything and FAILS miserably. someone who fucking freaks out when they get below a 95 on a test.
Nick Hreshko is a fucking Try Hard.
by prl215 May 01, 2010
an idiot who tries to be something that theyre not and never well be just for some attention.
sam beeton is a tryhard. he tries to turn into anything that people have any interest in
by youwillneverknow April 21, 2005
What 10 year olds playing call of duty scream at you when you are winning, meaning, you are trying very hard to win, Even though, thats the point of the game.
10 year old: Oh my god! you're such a try hard!

Me: ...I try hard to win because thats what your supposed to do...
by AnonIsBest December 24, 2011
Someone who pretends to be something they are not, to look cool

See Caley.
"I love to wear black and be goth"
*5 mins later*
"I love rocky horror! send me some drop kick murphys i wanna be punk!"
by ^_^ March 24, 2003
a word thats suppose to be an insult, but it's a fail.
when you saying try hard, your really saying your better then me, and i'm jealous.
Boy 1- Hey i made the basketball team!!
Boy 2- Friggan try hard...
by blehhhdinos November 22, 2011
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