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An example of a hot girl
"Wow, look at that Trudie," exclaimed Frank. "She sure is smoking."
#trudence #trudey #hot #sexy #attractive
by TSloan August 21, 2006
absolutely gorgeous and is so not a welfare mam and aint got no kids. also plays tiger lily in peter pan. thats the indian for the stupid people. can be used as a really nice compliment.
i like your jeans, theyre so trudie!
by Trudie August 10, 2004
Trudie is the best friend anyone could have. A trudie is inteligant and smart she is like a human calculator!
(Trudie) amazing.
#inteligant #gorgeous #beautiful #amazing #kind #sweet #bestest friend
by Chocolate_cake April 18, 2014
a girl with red hair hu apparently knows heaps of guys, and was voted one of the three girls in her year most likely to have sex first. she also has a guy living with her alot of the time. hahaha
to a girl who has had sex: youre such a trudie
by marina February 05, 2004
A dyke,a gay man, and a welfare mom with 8 kids, all at once.
Stop being a fucking trudie.
by Mike Tyson May 03, 2003
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