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13 definitions by marina

Originates from the End of the World flash movie, and was said by the Kangaroo before the world ended. Means literally "what the fuck, mate?" and is said in moments of confusion, surprise, or disgust. Is especially popular amoung slightly nerdy high school intellectuals who like flash movies like "Weebl and Bob" and "Homestar Runner."
Julie: Dude, we have a test in AP Chem today.
Bob: WTF, mate?
by Marina November 15, 2004
369 68
Someone who was born with breasts and a vagina. And no penis.
... self explanatory ...
by Marina February 20, 2004
208 41
a loser...someone who tries to be like like other people to much...someone whos a cornball etc...
none needed -everyone knows someone like that
by marina July 20, 2004
423 308
1) To be very drunk, shitfaced
2) To be shotdown or owned, often an exclamation
1) Dude, you were so sauced last night that you passed out on the floor.
2) I totally failed that test; I was sauced like none other.
by Marina November 15, 2004
210 110
A variation on the shit.
Ben's car is so cool. It's the shizz.
by Marina November 15, 2004
37 12
knasboll is a swedish word
du är en knasboll=your a goof ball (it always depends on who you call it or when you call someone that it can be a nice insult as well as a relly bad one)
by marina April 10, 2004
12 2
slow blowjob
Betsy is all new to this, so when she saw my thing she started lally gaggin
by Marina January 29, 2004
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