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Spaghetti bolognaise. And you're in idiot if you think otherwise.
'I love spag bol like a well-worn custard cream!'
by Stephen W. Thomas May 28, 2005
Abbreviation of spaghetti bolognese, probably coined from someone who couldn't pronounce spaghetti bolognese in the first instance.

Gary: Fancy coming over for dinner tonight mate?

Mark: Can do, on my own tonight, what you having?

Gary: Lisa is making Spagbol.

Mark: Nice one, my favourite.
by Maz&Giz September 09, 2007
When a man ass-rapes another man so hard, that the receiver shit a runny concoction of blood and shit, closely resembling that tasty meal popularised by Dolmio, and eaten by students around the globe.
Ray loved to make his special Spag Bol sauce with the aid of Phil
by fosdyke April 20, 2004
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