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a very hot sexy girl who is so smart and witty and clever
"damn, I'd so tap that Truc."
"man, that is soooo Truc."
"you are sucha truc, you sexy stuff you"
by fagget October 25, 2004
A dream girl who is very kind, popular, caring and pretty. She is also modest, beautiful, adorable and charming. She is also known to have flaws which she will admit to, though this will only add to her lovely personality.
"Man why can't I find a Truc?"
"Truc, every man's dream girl"
"Dude, she was totally Truc!"
by nandossauce December 20, 2012
Putting your business out there. Providing actions to get your ex jealous.
Wow! You're ex is a truc, trying way to hard to get your attention.

The truc is all over this new guy when we all know that she's still in love with her ex.
by Northcarolina101 June 30, 2010
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