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the act of sneaking up behind someone and moving your hand quickly back and forth between their knees, making the victim believe there is a fish between their legs.

The victim is at first overcome by confusion, which results generally in a high leaping motion followed by anger and rage once they realize what has happened.
person1: should I sneak up on joe and trout him?
person2: definately.
*sneak and trout*
by airstrike78 February 10, 2010
Trouting is the act of flirting with/pulling horrendously ugly girls.

The name originates from the use of trout to describe such girls, and therefore the act of courting them became known as "trouting"
Dave - "I can't believe Jamie's talking to that girl over there, she's a right minger"

Trevor -"Mate he's in his element, trouting away"
by DangerousDoubleWrapDave September 02, 2009
a type of tramming but under the influence of alcohol. Caught in the act of being emo or having a negative effect on all of those around you while under the influence of a substance.
He just came back from the bars trouting to everyone.
by tyrone crack biggums August 12, 2010
(v.) The act of sneaking up on someone, taking your hand and slapping their inner thighs back and forth rapidly. Like a trout tail flapping around.
I went trouting earlier. you should have seen their faces!
by Whatever3833 July 12, 2008
The art of fine forum trolling. Prestige useage of a Level 1 Forum Troll.
"Man, you see that new post by Sewer? That guy was sure trouting."
by Ceraphim September 01, 2005
When you take your hand and wave it back and forth like a fish tail between a girls thighs.
I started trouting and salmoning that sexy girl to get her in the mood.
by elecob July 26, 2012
The look depicted on one's face, which resembles that of a trout, often caused involuntarily, due the contortion and spasm of their facial muscles after ingesting large quantities of MDMA, also known as gak or ecstacy.
"Gee Patty, just have a look at Maud's face, she looks as though she had fun out on the gak last night because she is seriously trouting!!"
by Matthec7 January 15, 2009
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