To be soundly defeated in a competition of athletic endurance.
"Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Did I really take a sound trouting in that Triathalon. Wanda whooped my backside verociously!"
by Mr. Fifth Place August 27, 2009
to lie ontop of one's friend/ partner (preferrably not strangers as it could get a tad awkward) and flop your body up and down like a wet fish, being sure to keep your arms straight at your sides at all time. Often used to initiate sexy time.
i felt a tad uncomfortable when i woke up to find the guy i pulled last night trouting me.
by fo shizzle hizzle April 02, 2009
to masturbate using a large fish
george next door got a job in a fish canning factory so he could sidle off to the bog in his break and have a trouting session. he would then sneak the used fish back on to the production line.
by theWestHamfan December 07, 2003

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