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Caught in the act of being emo or having a negative effect on all of those around you by being emo and shady


Complaining like a bitch about everything
Stop tramming and give me a straight answer.
by doppelganger123 March 22, 2010
33 6
To be high on ultrams and tell someone that you are is tramming
"Man im tramming so hard"
by Chras May 30, 2006
17 9
Mix of trolling and spamming. First you troll then you spam as a different identity to the same person. totally mess with people.
Troller:hai lol. omgee ive heard about you every where. you cybered with some guy on here.

Victim:Wtf are you talking about.

Troller:your so gay.

victim:what the hell are you talking about.

tramminger:Hey stfu dude, there were no gay cybering sesions.
by haidanoobizin July 30, 2009
0 7