A more interesting way of expressing the badness of a thing - an alternative form of pants. Quite useful in that it lends itself better to the alternate forms "trousered" and "trousery", whereas "pantsy" and "pantsed" are a little nasty to pronounce.

UK folk may argue that pants are worn beneath trousers or skirts, or indeed just worn on their own but lowered somewhat for porn-surfing, and that therefore this is a crock. But they're wrong.
Dave: My cat died last night.
Al: Ah, that's trousers man!

Employee: Dear boss, I can't come into work today because I'm feeling somewhat trousery. My Blackberry will be on if you need me.

I tried to recover some sectors on my hard drive today, now it's *completely* trousered.
by NaughtyJim October 30, 2010
Top Definition
trousers: anther word for pants.
I have to go out and buy some new trousers.
by Reb969 July 06, 2005
Verb. High level white collar crime or official corruption involving theft of cash or illegal payments. Refers to the subject stuffing as much cash as they can into their trousers before they get caught.
That bastard politician trousered millions from us taxpayers then fucked off to Argentina!
by Daragh Malone April 03, 2008
pantaloons ... on crack
hey! check it out! i'm wearing trousers(aka pantaloons)
by iggbie January 31, 2004
pretentious, useless (not in the 'for the sake of it' sense), meaningless gibberish, lies, exaggeration, any form of atonal music or ‘cutting-edge’ dance piece, unnecessary use of big, clever or showing off language – basically bullshit.
Q: How was that new restaurant/show/apartment/lawyer/urban dictionary website?
A: Trouser
by footfarmer September 17, 2005
When you have dildo fun and use it on your mum.
"I'm going to have a trousers tonight," said Momin Rob.
by Curry man moses December 08, 2010
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