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Something you put Herculiner on...
How Do I Get Herculiner Off of My Hootus?!
by TObject July 02, 2004
a very low alcohol content fermented drink made out of bread. Popular in some eastern European countries, but not well known otherwise.
It's so hot, I'd chug a jug of kvass right now.
by TObject July 21, 2004
adj. showing no care, concern or preference in the matter

Indifferent, uninvolved, detached.
Q: "What is your take on war partial birth abortions?"
A: "Monopenisual."
by TObject March 26, 2004
a. 4GB microdrive extracted from certain cheap MP3 players.
b. pristine honey hole uncovered after ripping off a virgin girl's underwear.
Tear it open to extract the precious bounty.
by TObject May 25, 2004
A brand of synthetic automotive lubricants.
There is a bottle of Red Line oil sitting on the tool cabinet at the background of one of the Debra Lafave posing pictures.
by TObject September 09, 2005
This is how dorks spell "Picasso".
Google announced it acquired Picasa.
by TObject July 20, 2004
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