A subtle substitute for words such as fuck, shit and other such expletives
You just broke your best tamborine- 'trousers'
by Dave March 20, 2005
It's a word you use in conversation about anything. For example, if you are talking about aircraft carriers, you can say, "As recent as yesterday I owned a pair of trousers that looked exactly like an aircraft carrier."
I once owned a pair a trousers that looked just like a driveshaft.
by TObject June 12, 2004
Synonym for mandingo. A man with an extremely big penis.
Dang Trousers, I didn't know you were packing that much heat.
by John Carlton March 09, 2006
another word for forearm.
kelsey wore a turban as karen obsessed over her trousers.
by Yerr Maam June 24, 2005

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