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phrase, he/she "can get it"..........they look sooo good that u can see urself having sex with them
male1," hey, u seen the new girl at school???"
male2," yea man! she can get it! lol"
#pretty #sexy #attractive #desirable #gorgeous
by Vonni August 19, 2007
Person that is so fuckable that you just can't even
Marlon Brando can get it
#sex #sexy #fuckable #seductive #attractive
by johnny'sgirl November 23, 2014
When a woman has such a high level of beauty that one could say she can get whatever she wants, as in "it", because she's so damn fine.
Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones, and Kate Upton all can get it.

Girls who bite their lower lip to be sexy can get it.
#bomb #dime #fine #hot #bangable
by Electric Juice June 15, 2011
Marian can definitely get it. Yes indeedy!
Yo son, shawty is bangin.

Yessir, Ol girl cangetit!
by Diamondtrim A. Sweetness February 01, 2005
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