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Acronym for "Fusil Automatique, Manufacture d'Armes de St. Etienne". The standard-issue French assault rifle of bullpup design, first put into production in the late 1970's, and later rechambered to comply with NATO standard 5.56 rounds.

The FAMAS is still in use today and is, in the submitter's opinion, one of the only decent products France has ever managed to produce.
"Holy shit, that guy has a FAMAS."
by GMB January 03, 2004
1) One who frequents forums, chatrooms, or other online communities and doesn't take long to mention pointedly that he/she is a proud bisexual. The bisexual then relishes the attention from said community's more gullible and/or pathetic members. Internet Bisexuals are usually female, or males posing as females for attention.

2) By extension, anyone who lies about being bisexual or exaggerates sexual deviance for recognition or to fill a vacuum in personality.
"ZOMG where do you girls live? You should all throw on some schoolgirl outfits and come on down. We'll have ourselves a ball. ;-) <3 <3 ..."
by GMB October 09, 2004
A female who swallows when giving head.
"She gives great head and she swallows!" "What a trooper!"
by GMB January 07, 2003

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