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N. 1) A brass instrument with a slide mechanism rather than valves. This results in much greater freedom with articulation. It also produces a much freer tone quality, however, it does slightly inhabit playing at blazing speeds (though virtuosi such as Christian Lindberg have enough skill to play anything they wish). Also known as the greatest instrument ever. The trombone has the most vocal quality of any instrument, and is also exceptional at loud, brazen playing. Played by a trombonist.
2) A dildo.
V. To engage in sexual activity using a dildo (also abreviated "bone")
1) "Listen to that beautiful trombone playing!"
2) "Cree wanted to fuck his girl, but he was to small, the dude used a trombone!"
3) "my girl tromboned me last night and my ass is still sore.
by tromboner88 April 03, 2008
1) A combination of the first names "Paul" and "Amanda".
2) A bear like mammal that eats bamboo, known to be gentle.
3) Any person (or people thought ofas one unit) that is gentle and kind, but knows how to push people around.
1) You heard Panda, RESET!!!
2) I tried to plant some bamboo, but some panda ate it all!
3) You should see our drum majors, they're such pandas.
by tromboner88 April 03, 2008

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