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Trom is a common name used for weed.
lets smoke the trom tonight yo!
by arielle August 16, 2004
another name for marijuana--- created by Jay Brooks several years ago.
" you wanna scoop me and pick up some trom? "
by princess peach! January 10, 2008
This can mean a variety of things from being an insult to being nice.
Possibly a mixture of Troll and Nom.
You Trom!
Trom nom nom
by Voge S January 02, 2011
1. To be stupid
2. To lackcommonsense
3. To be on par intelligence wise with a 4th grader
Way to Trom it up
MAN you are such a Trom
dang...I realy Trom'ed that up
by Bubb Hotep06 February 23, 2006