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According to the actions of President Bush, a 4th grader is someone who can run our country.

This definition gives too much credit to Bush but it will suffice.

Also see fourth grader.
4th grade Teacher: Okay, class what comes after W?
4th grader: X?
4th grade teacher: Correct Billy.
George W. Bush: X is for oil!
4th grade teacher: -silence-
#replacement #better #person #substitute #new gear
by PouPouPouPou January 15, 2006
A dolt. Someone who ISN'T smarter than a Fifth Grader.
Man, Louis is such a 4th grader. He couldn't even remember his own birthdate.
#dolt #smarter than #insult #moron #dumb
by Lovekraft November 25, 2008
referring to the show "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader." Someone who is a dolt.
Man Juan is a 4th Grader. He couldn't even remember his own birthday!
#dumb #idiot #elementary level brains #two bricks short of a load #passably retarded
by Lovekraft November 27, 2008
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