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verb: To be cruel or degrading to someone else, either by word or action.
Mike tritched Jason while they were playing that game!
by shaftdelete August 08, 2006
Combination of Troll & Bitch= Tritch
pablo: yo that old stooped-over druid troll miserable battle-axe bitch down the hall is so mean and spiteful.

jomairy: WERD !!! she need a man

pablo: gurl- that ole tritch is stank..
by blkbxbuck November 12, 2009
a try hard bitch. A girl who is a cool bitch as well as trying hard to act the sweet girl next door or a sweet girl next door who is trying to act like a bitch to be cool.
ben: "steff is a so nice and everbody loves her"
john: "nah man she puts that on shes such a tritch"
by mespaced July 11, 2008
1. A bitch that tries to get you smitten and actually succeeds.
2. What automatically comes out when you try to call Judge Judy a bitch, since she's a bitch and a half, in a 'God might be a Woman' kind of way.
1."That tritch Miley Cyrus is on again with her first non-disney music video. If I hear one single chuckle from you I'm gonna break your bitch ass teeth!"
2. Tritches are rumored to disguise themselves in male attire to avoid melting the bones of human males. They are impregnated with a god or goddess each time they are referred to as 'bro'.
by context_high January 14, 2012
To make an uncaused movement.
Equivalent to "twitch"
Then he felt the childrens pain and fell on the floor triching.
by Now.Imperfect October 29, 2004
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