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The act of downing a pint of an alcoholic beverage, normally Guinness.
"Wow I shouldn't of trimbled all those pints last night"
by PJSSN February 04, 2014
Trymm-bull vb.

To trip and stumble at the same time.

Also n. A cross between a Tribble and a Womble... a creature that breeds like mad, but always cleans up after itself.
"Och Cap'n it's they Trimbles... they're all over the engine room."

"What do you suggest we do Scotty?"

"I say give 'em a brush and shovel, and some mood music and leave 'em all to it!"

From "The Trouble With Trimbles" Start Wreck, Season 2.
by Neil Baxter October 12, 2005
A female moustache
Women who are unfortunate enough to have hair over their upper lip have trimbles.
by sasasgreensam March 13, 2009
A term for tripping or stumble into the anus of a large black man.
"Dude last night a trimbled bubba hard."
by Robert paquette November 21, 2008
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