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When double decker buses hit trees that overhang roads and carve their shape in the foliage, causing the 'green tunnel'.
"Man, these trees got some baaad green tunnel syndrome!"
by sasasgreensam May 22, 2009
To masturbate upside down.

To enquire upon the state of someone's quasilling you must 'quizzle'.
"Sir, I quizzle you."

"It goes well thank you, for my quasilling session yesterday I strapped me feet to the ceiling, it worked well!"
by sasasgreensam May 13, 2009
A mythical beast comprising of the body of a hippo, the trunk of an elephant, a rhino's horn, a walrus' tusks a whale's tail.

Also: an adjective used to describe severely overweight people.
"Dude run there's a blubberous behind us and it's charging!"

"Man that ho has a big ass, she is blubberous."
by sasasgreensam May 13, 2009
A female moustache
Women who are unfortunate enough to have hair over their upper lip have trimbles.
by sasasgreensam March 13, 2009

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