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An awesome indie band from Down, Northern Ireland. The band consists of Alex Trimble (Lead vocals, Guitar, Synths), Kevin Baird (Bass, Vocals) and Sam Halliday (Guitar, Vocals). They are signed to French label Kitsuné Music
Friend: Any good concerts coming up?
Me: Well, I'm going to see Two Door Cinema Club next weekend
by StereoLove March 19, 2011
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Really awesome band, originally from N. Ireland that play "alteronica." The band consists of Sam Halliday (guitar), Alex Trimble (lead vocals & guitar), and Kevin Baird (bass).
Lee: Hey, heard of any good bands to listen to?
Aislinn: Yeah, Two Door Cinema Club. They're amazing & their songs are really easy to dance to, yo.
by HEIRBEAR November 07, 2010
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