Used when smoking pot. Called after shotgun, this gives the caller 3rd on the Marijuana being smoked.
Better remember to call trigger or you'll be last on the spliff
#shotgun #sparks #marijuana #pot #rotation
by Brigid... July 23, 2006
Someone who chucks the rock (basketball) every time he touches the mofo. Can also be used as a verb. Ex. Why don't you trig some more bad shots. Put the safety on!
Smith you are a trigger, I havent touched the ball all night, and you are 0 for 37.
#ballhog #flick #trig #blackhole #sirshootalot
by Ziggy1147 October 05, 2005
Trigger is a roadsweaper. He has had the same broom for over 15 years!
-auwight Trigger!
-auwight Dave!
by kepy seema September 25, 2003
A black person who's aware of the newest trends in fashion, likes to dress in style and is always ready to spend money on clothes, sunglasses and shoes.
Hot damn! That Kanye West is the biggest trigger! And so is the fat chick from "Precious"!
#trasian #nigger #black #fashion #trend
by Little Moorish Girl March 10, 2010
Black person from Transylvania.
We thought Gerber's Happiness emanates from Shtein being his father, but we are starting to suspect that his dad was a trigger, because Gerber has black skin and sucks blood.
#nigger #transylvania #chigger #trigga #trig
by ngngng November 13, 2006
nipples or utters found on, cows, cats, and midgets mostly
"Hey booty cows, pull them triggers!" or "Katie loves midget triggers"
by February 03, 2003
the best dog in the world. my dog. german shepherd. quite shy but lovely. <3
me:hey trigger *throws ball* fetch!
*trigger gets ball*
me:yeah...trigger bring it back now
*trigger runs off with ball until i have to chase him all around the garden*
#trig #german shepherd #dog #triger #triggy #alsation
by FlamingLips September 04, 2006
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