Is anything that causes a direct reaction to do something "bad."
Vodka being poured over is ice is a trigger. Etc.
#correspondence #rehab #trrigger #triggr #triggger
by Nicole Dolling April 03, 2010
nickname of Willie Nelson's Martin N-20 Classical guitar, In 1969, Nelson purchased the guitar unseen for $750 in Nashville fom "Shot" Jackson and named it after Roy Rogers' horse "Trigger". The next year Nelson rescued the guitar from his burning ranch & moved back to Texas
For more than 40 years Willie Nelson has been playing a Martin N-20 nylon-string acoustic guitar he named Trigger.
#willie nelson #guitar #country #music #austin texas
by biogeorge December 02, 2012
Clitoris (compare frig)
1. I've got my finger on your trigger
2. I'm an incurable trigger frigger
by Rabbi Rabbit June 10, 2005
In the criminal lexicon "trigger" used to describe a hot-tempered person, fast for killing (without thoughts about consequences). Hi-ranked criminal leaders often call thier enforsers with a word "trigger". In this case "tigger" is the synonym for "soldier" or "killer".
"Man he's gonna kill you. His a damn trigger!!!"
"Sforcsa has sent his triggers to deal with the rivals"
#enforcer #killer #soldier #gangster #murderer
by GhostShade January 22, 2008
A vehicle. Also: automobile, car, ride, whip, hooptie. Comes from the name of the Lone Ranger's horse, which was his method of transportation.
Yo dawg, the po-po towed my trigger after I got locked up for a DWI!
#cars #automobile #ride #vehicle #hooptie
by 5-oh! August 03, 2010
A thing said or done that can make someone uncomfortable for a number of reasons. Triggers can make a situation awkward and sometime scary. You should tell people what triggers you before talking to them to avoid any unwanted conversations and/or arguments. Triggers are meant to help people understand each other and avoid hurting their feelings. If someone is to trigger someone the person should say they are triggered and if their request is ignore should evacuate the conversation. If you are posting something on any social media tag your triggers before you give the triggering information. Ex- #triggerwarningjhere
Cronus triggered Kankri when he touched his butt.
#hurtful #helpful #rude #strange #painful #truth
a. Lennoxville`s burger. Go to Mcdonalds, order a Junior chicken burger and a double cheese Burger. Stick the Junior inside the double. You have a trigger!

b. Delicious quadruple burger for 3 bucks.

c. Good post-party snack.
a. Fuck, Im so wasted man, lets go to mcdonalds.
b. Yeah lets order shitloads of fries, rootbeer and TRIGGERS!
#lennoxville #mcdonalds #university bishop #lennoxvegas #champlain college
by lennoxvegas November 27, 2008
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