Clinetelle for a prostitute. Usually solicited by a pimp.
"That hoe be turnin' tricks every nite"
by ObliQ August 28, 2005
a guy who spends his HARD EARNED MONEY on girls just to get the girl to like him or approve of him... there's a difference between taking a girl on a date and being a trick.. most tricks spend money on HOES, some guys start complaining about all the money they lost on a girl after trying to BUY them off... YOU'RE A TRICK SO DONT BE ONE

why do you think PROSTITUTES refer to their clients as "TRICKS" ?

A trick can be a girl I guess sometimes, like a dick tease but you call her A FUCKING DICK TEASE.. get it right... listen to some Snoop Dogg or Too Short or DPG

Don't be fooled by these hoes, why do you think most guys won't spend any money on a girl who you just fuck and thats it? think about it
GUY#1: Maaan, I spent mad money on this girl yo, and i havent got SHIT from her

GUY#2: You're a fucking trick, step your game up


GIRL: Heyyy you ;) drive me here... buy me this... can i have some more money? I'll hug you...
GUY: Sure baby, I love you even though you don't want to have sex or even kiss me (I can't wait till she falls in love with me!)

by DJIZZLE AKA DAT NIGGA DJ November 10, 2006
Something a whore does for money.
GOB BLUTH: "Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money."
by MegT May 04, 2007
a woman that does one of the following

1. plans something with a guy (or anyone for that matter) and suddenly cancels or has "a cousin come into town"

2. messes with a guy's head and makes him think she likes him when she doesn't

3. is just a straight up hoe
"man, that girl i used to hang around with is a major trick and wasn't worth my time"

"that girl angie is a big trick, AND she got beat with a ugly stick"
by Bob Fox February 23, 2007
1. A word many stupid people seem to think means 'things' or 'life' but in fact is entirely related to prostitution, IE, the act of selling ones sexual favors for money. Anyone who pretends otherwise is A, stupid, B, a wigger, C, deliberately offensive, or D, a crackbaby, probably the result of someone turning tricks.

2. Stunts or performances of challenging nature designed to impress people.
"Did you see Johns new skateboard trick where he slides down the stairs on his head?"

"Well, yeah, but John's mom turned tricks to conceive him"
by hateyouall April 13, 2008
In gay circles:

(n.) a person with whom one has casual sex.
(v.) to engage in the act of casual sex.
I took the hottest trick home from the bar last night.
by Perspective July 05, 2003
a) A female who is a slutty tease and has very few morals

b) A female who says she will cheat on her boyfriend with you and ends up rejecting you
Wow, Megan spent the night at my house and didnt even give it up. What a trick.
by Mike Michael August 06, 2009

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