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A term used in gay circles to describe a young, husky, hairy gay man. Essentially a young 'bear.'
Damn it, Gladys! I know he's gay and furry but he's too young to be a bear, he's a cub!
by Perspective July 05, 2003
(n.) A gay or bisexual person who hides his sexual preference from others especially to avoid exclusion from hot locker room scenes high contact sports like wrestling and rugby.
Have you ever noticed the way Craig spends so much time in the locker room, showering, drying and showering all over again? I wonder if he's a closet case.
by Perspective July 05, 2003
In gay circles:

(n.) a person with whom one has casual sex.
(v.) to engage in the act of casual sex.
I took the hottest trick home from the bar last night.
by Perspective July 05, 2003
(n.) Where two masculine gay or bisexual men, often closeted, meet for some outdoor physical activity such as hiking or surfing, followed by the consumption of beer, with the understanding that they will have sex in the course of the day.
I asked Tim if he wanted to go for a hike and a beer but I wonder if he really knew what I meant.
by Perspective July 05, 2003
(n.) A bisexual person.
I know he's married to a woman but he spends an awful lot of time traveling to see 'friends in San Francisco.' Do you think he's a tweener?
by Perspective July 05, 2003

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