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Often used as a shortened term for the disorder trichotillomania
People with trich feel compelled to pull out their own hair.
by PullFreeVibes July 15, 2004
bitch ass trich like william 4 u kno it homie dizzle give my shit a thumbs down i dont care i just had to get this off of my chest fools.
The word momface was awesome but urban dictionary had to delete it.but the definition was A momface is when you mom/grandmom etc sits on your face while on her period
by Dub Fo November 08, 2004
a slang term for whore. originated from the sexualy transmitted disease trichotillomania, suggesting that the whore has caught it.
that trich better not come near my man.
by Armani Whyte June 08, 2006

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