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3 definitions by PullFreeVibes

An anxiety disorder which causes a person to pull out their hair strand by strand, often causing noticeable hair loss as a result. People suffering from trichotillomania may refer to the disorder as 'trich' and may call themselves 'trichsters'.

There are two types of trichotillomania. Type A is most common which involves pulling from the scalp. Type B involves the pulling of eyelashes and eyebrows.
You pull out your hair/eyebrows/eyelashes to the point of baldness? It sounds like trichotillomania to me.
by PullFreeVibes July 15, 2004
Often used as a shortened term for the disorder trichotillomania
People with trich feel compelled to pull out their own hair.
by PullFreeVibes July 15, 2004
A term to describe when someone suffering from trichotillomania stops pulling out their hair for x amount of time.
Yay! I'm 12 days pull free! Pull free vibes to all! I aim to be permanently pull free
by PullFreeVibes July 15, 2004