A rich townie basically. They wear everything thats "fashionable" even if it looks awful, and still manage to keep all of the classic townie traits.
Normal human being 1: look at that trendy. Why does he think hes anything different from all the rest of the townies?
Normal human being 2: I don't know Bob. I can't see much difference.
Jeans and a T-shirt makes you trendy? Then im going naked. As i see it the goths, the punks, the preps, anything that walks and labels themselves is a trendy. They are the fads of society and keep your economy going, they shop j.c penny and hot topic, and watch mtv religiously hoping they dont miss out on the next trend. Listen to Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan thinking that that makes them sophisticated.Drinking Latte's not realizing its only milk.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
Usually hating the first person to do it because they are different and than once everyone else starts doing it, they hop on the band wagon. e.g. tight jeans on guys
Colin Gellner: Hey, lets go to the girls section of the gap so we can buy girls jeans and be trendy!

Josh Stanley: Oh boy, lets, I said I would never change but okie dokiez! I hope we aren't both 16's tehehe!

(fake names for example conversation only)
#trend #bandwagon #same #copy-cat #hot topic
by methadoneistehyum April 15, 2009
Adj. A way to describe a homosexual; a gay. word used to describe someone that is in the closet but dresses unusualy flamboyant.
Dude, Jeff started to come onto me out after talking about all of the girls he met last night, he is a lot more trendy then I thought.

Alex' dressing really trending and it is starting to make me curious about his orientation.
#gay #trendy #flamboyant #homo #homosexual #fag
by mike69113 October 14, 2007
someone who is often buying and wearing as many name brands as they possibly can-usually the same as what their fellow ‘groupies’ are wearing but maybe a slightly different color. They tend to wear the biggest gaudiest labels so everyone they meet will know exactly how much they spent on their god awful outfit
oh my god shes so rich and trendy she spent 500 dollars on a brand name white tee.
#preppie #brand name #rich #bitch #california
by antieverything March 09, 2006
Trendy (plural trendies)
The once staple diet of british teenagers and 20 somethings, unlike many suggestions are not sheep, but do not like to be defined by the music they listen to or the clothes they wear; and so do the now rarely seen thing of buying clothes simply because they look neat, fit well and have a price range somewhere from being stupidly expensive to wearing rags found on the street; they also listen to music they like not because NME told them to like it or some DJ said "Bla Bla i'm da greatist" but because they thought "not bad". The vast majority are of average intelligence middle class people who realise life is more than trying to define yourself into a social group and so make good friends, find a good girl/boy settle down and earn some money to support there families. Trendies generally have no problems with other social groupings;ie. chavs, moshers, goths, townies. and are also putoff by yobs and others who cause trouble for the sake of not being able to hold there alchol.

As you can probably tell I am what would be classed as a trendy, not because I class myself as this but that others do. I think the majority of trendies end up in this group by default because these so-called sheep already no who they are and don't need to find themselves (unlike many others). When everyone else realises they are individuals and they are free to wear what ever they want, date whoever they want, listen to whatever they want, eat what ever they want without being labelled and grouped as they are today every one will be much happier, and I am sure my "Mosher" girlfriend would agree.
Trendy guy: Hey here comes Rob bout time he got here we gotta go!
Random goth/rudeboi passer by: Ahhhhhhh he's a goth/rudeboi don't hate him cos he's better than u trendy sheep!!
Trendy guy: actually he's our m8 were waiting for him
Random goth/rudeboi passer by: Don't lie, I'm special and he's one of us ahhhhhhhhhh!!
#trendy #trendies #chav #mosher #goth #greebo #punk #groups #townies #rudeboi
by normalGuy April 03, 2006
something that's cool...sorta. Other people do it too, its nothing special. Said when you really don't care.
P1:DUDE! I just saw Kill Bill!
P2: Oh. Trendy.
by Urban Dictionary October 21, 2003
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