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v. the act of hugging and cuddling with someone.
you're hot. let's huddle.
#hug #cuddle #spoon #feel up #snuggle #grope #etc.
by icanmakeamesslikeyourmum November 01, 2006
The release of a massive amount of excrement, usually after a trip to Huddle House.
"Dude I've I don't huddle soon it might start coming out of my ears."
"Erry day I'm huddlin"
"My friend and I Huddled yesterday while holding hands and called it a number four"
#huddle #huddlin #huddled #huddle house #huddle cuddle puddle
by toggle November 15, 2014
A conference between two or more females regarding someone else's sexual orientation as well as a general discussion of uncommon topics that men wouldn't find interesting.
Emily and Robin both joined The Huddle to discuss Joe's sexual orientation, since it was visibly debatable, a huddle was utilized to further discuss the situation.
#meeting #conference #huddle #discussion #gossip
by Beat Blender May 24, 2011
1) a short, lazy, smelly girl

2) one who has to use hair straightener and has a club foot
a) Don't be such a huddle. Get taller, do something, and for god's sake, wear some deoderant

b) man, use something on that hair huddle. And get that club foot checked out
by fuckstick August 26, 2003
v. to get dry humped
"sanz got huddled in chinatown"
by semmdawg August 08, 2005
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