A trendy is a social categorisation of person who follows modern fashion and listens to mainstream music, having no music genre in particular they follow. The common belief held by many alternatives that trendies lack 'individuality' is incorrect, and can also be applied to other social groups concerning their own appearence. Quite hypocritical really.

Typical trendy guys dress in denim, commonly wearing tight jeans. The jeans are usually long enough to overflow over a trendy's well-maintained trainers, just over the trainer's tongue. They usually wear short sleeve t-shirts of top names such as FCUK, and may wear a jacket (commonly denim). Trendy guys' hair are styled with gel, and they commonly decorate themselves with moderate amounts of jewerery (not too much bling).

Trendy girls are easier to recognise. They are 'shopaholics', and therefore wear the lastest top fashion clothes. They are notoriously known for tight-fitting jeans bearing words such as 'hooch' or 'angel' at the rear. Belly buttons are exposed in fine weather (usually pierced) by their wearing of small tops. Hair styles range (and change) from different styles, but are always kept feminine. Make-up is usually worn in vast amounts, particuarly eye shadow and blusher. Fake tan is also popular.

The view shared by other groups is that trendies are simply 'wannabe townies'. This is wrong. Trendies are a separate social group from townies and the two can be defined differently. Basically it depends on the person themselves and their behaviour towards people, and attitudes. Trendies are typically intelligent, decent, friendly people (much opposed to townies) with a sense of independance and direction. Despite liking to have a good time, and a fondness of getting drunk, their behaviour is never abusive or harmful (not intentionally anyway!)
A typical scenario:

Alternative1: Ha, look, it's a trendy! They all look the same!
Alternative2: Yeah! Wannabe townies, the lot of them!
Trendy: What's their problem?
by The Omnicient April 30, 2004
A sheep. A person without any self-identification or thoughts of her own. A person who does what the crowd is doing, out of insecurity and immaturity. A person who looks like everyone else because of an immature fear of being himself.
When you interview people for this job, be sure to weed out all the trendy people. I want someone who will work, not look in the mirror all day.
by Tuna Wanda May 26, 2005
(adj.) Used to described whatever is "in" at the time of description, as in popular or done by a large number of people.
The definition of "trendy" constantly changes because trends change too. What is in at one point often becomes yesterday's fashion very quickly. As such, there really is no set definition.

"Trendy" is often used in this day and age to describe young 18-24 year-olds (one of the most sought-after marketing groups) who follow fashion trends (sometimes even starting or perpetuating new ones), are technology-savvy, up on the latest modern/alternative music, and in general are part of a group of people who all follow these same trends.
Basically, a "trendy" person is abreast of all the latest trends, and follows or is at least aware of most of them.

A "trendy" person in 2005 might be a 22 year-old girl who listens to Death Cab for Cute and the Postal Service, has an ipod or laptop, surfs the net and goes on Myspace or Facebook or something to network with friends, maybe maintains a Livejournal, Blogger, or Xanga to keep in touch with people, dresses fairly stylishly, and dates an attractive-looking and equally trendy emo boy.

But of course, this is only one definition...
by killerfiller January 31, 2006
A more upclass version of a townie, usually aged between 15-25. they hate goths, punks, or indeed anyone who doesn't follow the crowd. The blokes usually wear jeans and a shirt, and the girls (who are all blonde) wear pink, baby blue and white. only. Their entire lives consist of getting pissed at the weekend.
Wankers, the lot of em.
there's a crowd of trendies outside the offlicence again.
by SiobhanG October 07, 2003
These sad little people come in great numbers, socialise only with themselves and follow the fashion, religiously!
Girls: Brown hair with blonde highlights, "Friends" hairstyles, retro shoes, big tacky white and teal square earrings, always obsessed about their hair/makeup/perfume/clothes/bags/music/friends/celebritys/tv programs etc..., they must do anything that will make them as popular as ever!
Boys: must have retro hair, must wear American sports shoes, and must listen to the Darkness, and be incredibly funny so the girls laugh stupidly, and flirt like whores.
These wannabes hate goths, punks, greebos and townies because they don't dress like them and therefore "are not popular enough"
"Touchin youuuuuuuuuu, Omg, did you see "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" last night? *gasp* look at my nails,if you get a microscope you can see a tiny crack... did you see what Grace was wearing? Really out of season!
by Georgie February 03, 2004
Latte swilling, Tight t-shirt wearing wannabes - Who quite happily worship the ground celebrities walk on... Those unfortunate souls who've convinced themselves just how "cool" they actually are, because they can afford to spend £6 on a cup of "latte-double-milk-frockacinno", whilst sitting there judging just about everyone else on just how low they actually are! - These trendies plague the streets with there tight jeans, or flares, while purposely trying to pursuade themselves and everyone else they are acceptably beautiful for present day society!
Take a step into Starbucks -- (Yes, England is plagued with them too - Both Starbucks, and Trendies) - You'll immediately see a "trendy"...
by Joe Morton December 08, 2003
A 'Trendy' is a person that wears the same as his/her ten mates.
For the male this normally involves slip on shoes, tight jeans and a shirt normally in a pastel shade or resembling your nans table cloth. His friend will be wearing the same but maybe a different coloured shirt if they are feeling adventurous.
They enjoy going into town on a saturday night to get drunk and then pick a fight with anyone on the way home.
The female, wearing various FCUK items, and looking like someone from Pop Idol, like her male counterparts, is often quite 'slutty' and brash and enjoys sex in alley ways.

Normally they have no individuality and the IQ of a Limpet with mental problems.
Person A: Look! There's a trendy who stands out from his mates.

Person B: Jesus H Christ!
by Link December 08, 2004
during the last 4 years especially, people actually applying to a certain category was generally unheard of. For example goths were just a group of people that would only ever appear in an american movie. The sudden movement of being 'individual' became a necesity. Categories in which no1 lied opened and became one big trend. The people who DIDNT change their ways of life, music or clothes were labelled trendies, ironically so, considering the term trendy has the meaning of being a follower of trends.Although by NOT followin the trends of suddenly becoming a mosher , for example - the remaining group of people who are 'followers of trends' have become vastly outnumbered. Hence making the so-called 'trendies' the alternatives of our society. Go figure.
damned if you do, damned if you dont.
by Laura M January 01, 2004

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