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The act of a male sticking his branch up a female's woodpecker hole, and then rubbing his sap all over her face. Then waiting until the sap dries, to let the golden shower wash it away.
Did you see that Tree hugger the other day, that was insane.
Yea i loved the way they acted that out
by AHS@LUNCH May 17, 2011
22 53
Fuckers that tie themselves to trees that the logging companies planted. They are the reason why nobody can have nice cars because they "pollute". What they don't realize is that not enough people have them to make an impact. Not only that, they take SUV's and bury them, even though the battery acids leak and gas, further polluting the enviroment.
Tree Huggers will never let anybody have nice cars.
by Zakamaru August 16, 2008
55 89
Tree huggers are people who aspire to live in trees for months on end in order to save the trees from being cut down to make room for commercial endeavers by the owners of the property on which the tree(s) are located. Their environmental activism is often funded for by the capitalism of their parents.
Myra is going to live in a tree for six months while her parents pay her student loans and credit card bills. She's such a good little activist.
by Jenn October 21, 2003
145 180
A person who measures the DBH (diameter at breast height)of a tree before it is harvested. When they use their foresters tape to measure trees, they wrap the tape around the tree which makes them look like they are hugging the tree.
Marcus looked like he was hugging a tree when he was measuring the DBH before it was harvested. He is a real tree hugger.
by TimWVU July 10, 2008
19 55
An environmentalist who attempts to save a tree by wrapping their body around it. Most are completely idiotic or completely brain washed. Also, they don't think of all the meat, plants, trees, water, etc. that has been killed or polluted by their mere existence. They should do the world a favor and create a human mulch pile out of themself.
Headline: A tree hugger was killed today in a futile attempt to save a freakin tree. Don't fret, hedid make something of his life, mulch.
by Laxin MoFo June 02, 2004
68 105
A man or a woman who's dating someone WAAAAY older than he/she is. Most likely someone with children with his/her husband/wife away. This term came to life through comparing an old tree with a partner the person is having.
Guy: Dude! You're a fucking Tree Hugger! That bitch has 2 kids!

Guy 2: Aww cmon man, the ho's husband's out of town for two weeks! Let's live life to the fullest!

Girl: I'm such a Tree Hugger!

Girl 2: Yes you are.
by lubidoobidoo January 15, 2010
7 50
A slightly derogatory term describing an employee of a company who stays in the same position for many, many years. This term is usually used in industries such as software engineering where the dynamics of the profession are always changing and it is not unusual for other people in the same field to change jobs every few years. This term was often used in the Silicon Valley during the dot-com bubble (late 1990s).
The opposite of a job hopper is a tree hugger.
by Jon Davis January 01, 2009
3 47