Usually an upper class college student who is attempting to rebel. They are usually vegetarian which causes them to be skinny pale and sickly. They are also usually seen sporting MAC computers and VW beetles with pollyphonics spree blaring in the radio. They claim to be environmentalist but tend to just be mental. They enjoy pushing their crazy beliefs on people, not for the planets sake but to make everyone as miserable as they are. also see hippie
"I dont eat meat, meat is murder"
"I'll show you murder you tree hugging twit now take your 75 pound boney protein deficient hairy ass get back in your dads BMW and go find another piontless cause to adopt for the week"
by truefate May 20, 2004
Some one who washes plastic bags!
Shelly is such a tree hugger!
by sbutters August 25, 2006
The act of a male sticking his branch up a female's woodpecker hole, and then rubbing his sap all over her face. Then waiting until the sap dries, to let the golden shower wash it away.
Did you see that Tree hugger the other day, that was insane.
Yea i loved the way they acted that out
by AHS@LUNCH May 17, 2011
Fuckers that tie themselves to trees that the logging companies planted. They are the reason why nobody can have nice cars because they "pollute". What they don't realize is that not enough people have them to make an impact. Not only that, they take SUV's and bury them, even though the battery acids leak and gas, further polluting the enviroment.
Tree Huggers will never let anybody have nice cars.
by Zakamaru August 16, 2008
Tree huggers are people who aspire to live in trees for months on end in order to save the trees from being cut down to make room for commercial endeavers by the owners of the property on which the tree(s) are located. Their environmental activism is often funded for by the capitalism of their parents.
Myra is going to live in a tree for six months while her parents pay her student loans and credit card bills. She's such a good little activist.
by Jenn October 21, 2003
A person who measures the DBH (diameter at breast height)of a tree before it is harvested. When they use their foresters tape to measure trees, they wrap the tape around the tree which makes them look like they are hugging the tree.
Marcus looked like he was hugging a tree when he was measuring the DBH before it was harvested. He is a real tree hugger.
by TimWVU July 10, 2008
An environmentalist who attempts to save a tree by wrapping their body around it. Most are completely idiotic or completely brain washed. Also, they don't think of all the meat, plants, trees, water, etc. that has been killed or polluted by their mere existence. They should do the world a favor and create a human mulch pile out of themself.
Headline: A tree hugger was killed today in a futile attempt to save a freakin tree. Don't fret, hedid make something of his life, mulch.
by Laxin MoFo June 02, 2004

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