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Pretty, "girl-next-door" type. She loves to laugh and have fun, but don't be fooled by her smile, she has a low tolerance for stupid and immature people. She has a nice butt and is known for it. Good at anything if if she puts her mind to it.
Hey that girls is fun!..She is a Tana.
by cainsbro February 07, 2010
A girl who wears tight pants to show off the curvurture of her firm shapely behind. Has short razored brown hair and a pair of ginormus knockers that she uses to make her such a great salesperson.
Have you seen Tana? When she walks her tits bounce up and down and up and down and up and down. All the guys want Tana to eat their bananas.
by Aeyrun Sun October 26, 2004
The negative of a "ta-da!" but with all the same self-impressed enthusiasm, for sleights of hand or mind which slyly accomplish nothing of the sort they seemed to at first -- i.e., a "ta-da!" combined with a "naaah."
From Reddit.com (7gwbw):

voltron013: From Hawaii you can see China.
7oby: but Japan is in the way?
GeoAtreides: No, Japan is hidden by earth's curvature, so he can see China. Ta-na!
by Monseignore Laszlo December 02, 2008
combination of tony (t) and lana (ana). pronounced tee-ana, or tiana without the i. still means princess.
T'Ana is a homophone for Tiana.
by yesitsprincess July 16, 2010
The coolest chick ever, from Lynnhood washington
The most bomb chick on earth, everyone loves her especially her homey Chris!
by bomb digity October 26, 2004
A strange girl, usually greek, hermaphroditic, and into Final Fantasy. Normally, it is a fan of FFVII's Cloud x Tifa character pairing. We USUALLY call this kind of fan a Clito, but because of the extremity of this fandom, we call it a Tana. Tana's are virgins for their whole lives.
"Don't talk to that girl, Tom, she's a Tana."
by blessingmoon6 November 14, 2006
A stupid ass blonde who is the biggest smut in the world. She is a skanky, slutty, whore, that will do anything with any guy she sees. Her feet are like a mans, and her face is like a monkey's ass.
That chick was a total tana last night.
by Michael Myers October 20, 2004