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5 definitions by raisen

it means anything you want it to mean
I like that nyorphius.
That Nyorphius is small.
I will see you tomorrow. nyorphius.
by raisen April 17, 2004
a robber that goes around at night stealing water
There goes one of those trees.
by raisen April 17, 2004
the lowest creature available in the area for sexual relations bog(ground level) woppit(loc:rabbit)bogwoppit will initiate sexual intercourse for recreational perposes anytime
alt name for slut, whore, bicylce other derogatary terms for loose women. "see that lads definate Bog woppit potential......im drunk i need a shag she'll do"
by raisen July 19, 2003
Usually associates with the name Brian.
Brian is so spazzy today.
by raisen April 17, 2004
Asoociated with the phrase "lets get a move on"
Lets Truck
by raisen April 17, 2004