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Diarrhea of the mouth. The inability to shut up
I was talking to bob the other day and it took him 2 hours to shut the fuck up about his new car. he must have Logorrhea
by masteroffire May 07, 2010
what you give when someone is bragging about their new icrap.
iderp: duh look at my new Ipad. It's just like the iphone I also have but it's bigger and more expensive and even crappier
me: here's my iFinger
by masteroffire January 30, 2012
that thing rappers use nowadays that makes you sound like a robot going through puberty. first developed for the mining industry as a way to find oil wells fossils coal and metal deposits underground it was later introduced to music by cher in her song "believe". it was made popular during the boy band phenomenon especially by N*sync I guess they figured if they couldn't make them genuinely sound good that a robot gargling was almost as good.
Kanye west: I'm such a musical genius.
Kanye east: let's see you sing without autotune,then.
Kanye west: fuck
by masteroffire October 19, 2012
a more appropriate name for the battleship movie
chip: hey let's watch a movie
brad: sure, but I want to see one that will be less fun than inserting razor wire into my ass.
chip: battleshit it is then
brad: oh god that's just insane
by masteroffire October 27, 2012
the most annoying suffix in the world
jane: So, I was watching a movie with Leslie Uggams and my cat, fluff-ums jumps on my lap and starts eating my steakums...
me: go away before I stab you
by masteroffire January 17, 2012
a pittance, a very small amount of money that would go as far as a single dollar would in New York City.
at that garage sale, I got a new gameboy for a New York Dollar.
by masteroffire January 13, 2012
what you punctuate a sentence with to assign it a trollish nature.
so the teacher was prattling on about ancient assyrians and their role in something or other and then timothy asks "is it true that you went to makeout point with the janitor last weekend? trollface.jpeg?"
by masteroffire February 14, 2012
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